The Wish I May concept is awesome! This organization is meeting a need that goes unidentified many times.Jeff Long, Unit Director, Musgrave Unit, Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield
Birthday celebrations are often taken for granted, but there are many children without. Wish I May is like Santa Claus for the parents. It is done so discreetly. The kids have no idea who the gifts come from; they think the gifts are from their parents!Robin Reiter, Membership Coordinator, Musgrave Unit, Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield
The mom told me she cried when she received the paperwork because she was so happy that her daughter was going to have something for her birthday! I am so pleased to have this partnership with such a great agency like yours! Thank you! :) Community Center Director The Salvation Army-Springfield, MO

Welcome to Wish I May

Every Child Deserves a Happy Birthday!

"Wish I May" is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization providing 'Happy Birthdays' to underprivileged children and their parents/guardians in the Springfield area. The children we reach are children whose families are experiencing extreme financial difficulties and find it impossible to provide even the smallest birthday celebration. Wish I May is run completely by volunteers so every gift and donation made goes directly to the children we are blessed to support.

Why is "Wish I May" important?

Wish I May knows that every child's birthday is important and that even when parents and guardians don't have the means to provide, the toys given through our organization let them give their children a special day. Too many families find themselves lacking the funds to be able to provide a birthday for their children. No child should ever have to go without celebrating the day of their birth because a parent has to make the difficult choice between that month's bills and the birthday wishes of their child.

Our Partners

Wish I May partners with the schools and agencies listed below to provide birthday bags for children whose families are struggling financially. The parents/guardians of these children will receive a birthday gifts and books appropriate for the age and gender of the child, and all the makings of a birthday party including gift bags, tissue, cake mix, frosting, candles, plates and more.